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Description of the Institution

Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, Sociedad Nacional de Credito, is a financial institution belonging to the Development Banking sector.

•  Our Commitment: Promote the growth of the primary and secondary mortgage markets, by granting guarantees for construction, acquisition, and improvement of housing, preferentially for the lower-income bracket; increase productive and technological development capacity related to housing; and facilitate access to financing related to outfitting of residential complexes.
• Our Programs:  Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal credit, savings, and guarantee programs promote favorable conditions for Mexican families, in urban or rural areas, to gain access to mortgages and enjoy decent housing, built with modern technology, functional spaces and services, and legal security in their ownership, regardless of whether the potential borrowers are married or not, have children or not, or work as salaried employees or not.
• Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal is a Second-Tier Bank:  This means that we do not serve the public directly, but rely instead on the assistance of financial brokers to make our resources available to people.  The financial brokers are in turn responsible for granting and managing loans, from opening through conclusion.
In accordance with Article 29, Chapter Five, of its Organic Law, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, S.N.C., can operate through the following financial brokers: full service banks, insurance companies, limited purpose financial companies (Spanish acronym SOFOLES),  multiple purpose financial companies (Spanish acronym SOFOMES), and popular savings and credit associations, acting on its own account or in the capacity of fiduciary, as well as trusts for economic stimulus that have a federal government guarantee for the operation in question

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