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The BORHIs Market is in Constant Evolution

The BORHIs market is in constant evolution to be increasingly strong and transparent.
Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, together with the National Banking and Securities Commission (Spanish acronym CNBV) and industry representatives, are firmly committed to reinforcing and maintaining conditions of stability in the BORHIs market. 

This commitment translates into a series of key activities to boost the confidence of players in the financial market; to mention a few:

a) Give Investors liquidity at all times:  This can be achieved with SHF’s participation as a market shaper through its participation in the purchase and sale of BORHIs.

b) Provide periodic, complete, and standard information on each issue: SHF worked jointly with the National Banking and Securities Commission (Spanish acronym CNBV) to develop new requisites for standard and timely information that issues must provide for their investors.

c) Equip investors with more, better valuation tools, such as calculators, so that BORHIs are listed at a fair price.

d) Guarantee a minimum retention for each issue in the balance sheet of the originator, which will respond for first losses, in order to encourage healthy origination and portfolio management processes.

e) Certify the documentation for each of the mortgages contained in BORHIs.

f) Inform the market of the features and benefits of BORHIs through courses, workshops, and lectures in seminars.

Last review: 30/10/2009 16:18
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