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In this section you will find information related to issues of Mortgage Backed Bonds

BORHIS (Mortgage Backed Debt Securities)

With the aim of promoting the growth of the primary and secondary housing markets, through granting of guarantees for construction, acquisition, and improvement of housing, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, SNC (SHF) has implemented an aggressive strategy to create and develop an efficient and far-reaching mortgage market, through securitization of mortgages and issues of BORHIS, which in turn addresses several important objectives:

SHF expedites access to an ample source of funds that support the development of financing schemes that will help meet demand for mortgages in the years ahead.
By connecting the primary and secondary mortgage markets, SHF stimulates a substantial reduction in the interest rates borrowers pay, thereby helping more Mexican families gain access to decent housing that raises their standard of living and quality of life.

Participating financial brokers achieve specialization in their respective functions, which leads to the creation of new markets.
In this section you will find the issues that make up the emerging market for BORHIS and their performance in the market.

SHF Issues

SHF has successfully branched into debt markets with issues ranging from PRLVs (Promissory Notes with Yield Payable on Maturity) and CDs (Bank Deposit Certificates), to public offerings of Bank Development Bonds, and is also the first bank to issue debt securities.

In this section you will find, among other things, the main features of SHF issues, both public and private.


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