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Vigia SHF: BORHIS Monitoring System

To start the VIGIA-SHF application, click here.
To use this application, you must have SAS/GRAPH Control for ActiveX installed. To install the application, click here.
The BORHIS VIGIA-SHF Monitoring System is a source of information and analysis on the characteristics and  performance of Mortgage Backed Bonds (BORHIS).

The purpose of this system is to provide the different participants in this market with information and reports on the performance of each of the issues. With this tool, users can consult, among other items, historic and current data, indicators of prepayment and default, the main features of issues, and the evolution of the market.

The information used in this system is obtained from all the BORHIS reports published by settlors, trustees, and joint representatives that take part in the issuance structures for these instruments. These reports can be consulted directly on the participants websites, on the SHF website (in the section on Trust reports for current issues), or through the links provided in the BORHIS VIGIA-SHF Monitoring System.

No member of SHF will be responsible for errors or omissions in the information in these reports or their possible use. Please refer any enquiry regarding the information presented in these reports to the issuing institution. The BORHIS VIGIA-SHF Monitoring System only processes, analyzes, and presents the information for the benefit and development of the BORHIS market, and therefore SHF assumes no responsibility for its possible use.

For any question, comment, or enquiry, send an email to the following address:

Last review: 07/02/2013 4:43
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